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Authority and historiography – who says?

One thing I’ve been thinking about this week is teaching children critical thinking regarding the Internet. Not just the safety issues – but how to evaluate sites, how to judge what you’re reading and why it’s there. As a former … Continue reading

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So, for a new class I’m having to work with a lot of audio. Podcasts, vlogs, video downloads etc. And they . . . just don’t work for me. I’ve been around tech for years , and I’ve been exposed … Continue reading

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going digital

A school in Florida is following one in Boston in making the switch to digital. Clearwater High School will replace traditional textbooks with e-readers, likely Kindles according to this piece in St. Petersburg Times. And last year, Cushing Academy in … Continue reading

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The Kno – right for students?

The Kno tablet made its debut at the D: All Things Digital show on Wednesday.  Linux-based, with two 14-inch touch screens, it seems designed for students. The company says it will be less than $1,000, and comes with a stylus … Continue reading

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A Reuters piece from BookExpo America, points out an all too common problem with new technology: it may be cool, but until everyone settles on a standard, it’s hard to create a business model. This has happened countless times in … Continue reading

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