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privacy please

I’ve been percolating on this one for a while. The flaps over Facebook have brought the issue to the forefront this time; but really, privacy online has been an issue for a while. I’ve been involved in tech for a … Continue reading

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Just came back from a whole week virtually Internet free (we had our blackberries, but no real Internet access, and only CNN at the hotel). Weird – I hadn’t realized how much I expect to be able to just hop … Continue reading

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More on Google Editions

Interesting point in this article from Robert McGarvey at Internet Evolutions (quoting New York media consultant Brian O’Leary): “Amazon is good at selling us books when we look for books, but Google may be positioning itself to sell us books when … Continue reading

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Oxford Bibliographies

This is interesting – a  new service from Oxford University Press that offers a curated bibliography on selectd topics. The site says the subject guides are created by editorial boards made up of experts in the filed, and that they’ll be … Continue reading

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